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When you want a portable generator, come to us for wonderful products by Honda. Our Honda portable generators can give you power whenever you need it. Our wide line of products include smaller, more portable models, high wattage generators, and more. Cast iron cylinder sleeves, rugged engines, and ball-bearing supported crankshafts ensure your generator's durability.


Our generators include great features such as super quiet operation, fuel efficient operation, inverters for stable power when using a computer, compact designs, wheels, folding handles, and much more! Find the right generator with this helpful guide.


Every Honda water pump has remarkable high-tech features that have been created over a period of 20 years. With Honda's four-stroke engine, you'll get dependable, fuel efficient service. Honda's exclusive overhead valve design gives pumping power and better fuel economy that similar side-valve engines. You'll also get extra durability, reliability, and long-lasting performance.


Our WX10, WX15, WN20, WN30, WP20X, and WP30x transfer pumps are a great value, drain well, and are for general purpose use. Our WH15X and WH20X models are powerful and can provide the pressure for irrigation, spraying, and other heavy duty tasks. 

When you get the WT20X, WT30X, or WT40X pumps are heavy duty trash pumps that pack power that only Honda can provide. You can transfer up to 2,300 liters per minute, removing water with debris up to 30mm in diameter at construction sites.

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